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Must Have


FS Passengers



Essentially a game within a game, FSP brings a whole new dimension to your flight simming experience. Some of its features include:
  • Add passengers to your flights! Finally, you're not alone in the sky.

  • Passengers react to how you fly your plane. Hear them scream if you make drastic mistakes, and get their opinion of your flight in real time.

  • Provide in-flight passenger services such as meals, movies, music, and drinks.

  • Make money for successful flights; be fined if you do something wrong.

  • Manage an airline (make money, manage aircraft fleets, etc).

  • Maintain your aircraft in good condition, otherwise you may experience unique and suprising failures.

  • Create and maintain pilot careers.

  • Keep detailed logs and statistics for every flight you make (great for virtual airlines).

  • Fly through dangerous parts of the world, and risk the safety of your plane, crew, or passengers!

  • Export your flight to your Virtual Airline.

  • This add-on includes more than 200 in-flight sounds to immerse you in the ambiance of flight. Hear feedback from your co-pilot, flight attendants, passengers; listen to ATC chatter, music, GPWS, and more.



FS Flight Keeper



FSFK is the best flight logger for Flight Simulator. The software combines seven tools into one package:
  • Logbook

  • Aircraft Black Box

  • Flight Weather Planning Tool

  • Flight Information System (ACARS Device)

  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)

  • Cockpit Sound Environment Enhancement

  • Air TV






AS is the best weather system for Flight Simulator. The amount of features in this software package are too long to list here. Head over to the AS site to read the details of this incredible addon.



Radar Contact



Whether you like flying the heavies, such as the 747 or the Airbus 340, turboprops, or general aircraft, RC is ready for you. RC provides the appropriate controllers who give you the current weather, clearances, taxi instructions, takeoff clearances, ascent and descent clearances, vectors to the active runway, clearances to land, ground clearances, and traffic calls for any aircraft in your flight path.


Highly Recommended





Aerosoft are a major producer of a wide variety of scenery addons for Flight Simulator. Head over to their site to view the full catalog. I highly recommend their "Mega Aiport" series especially Paris Charles de Gaulle and London Heathrow.



Overland / Simmer's Sky



SMS produces the most beautiful airports for Flight Simulator. Their "Japanese Airports" series, which covers nine volumes and pretty much every airport in Japan, is simply breathtaking. They also produce the "Fly Into The Sky! World Airlines" package which includes all of the current commercial jetliners. If you have visited my Virtual CX Fleet page, you will have noticed that a majority of the aircrafts come from this package. These birds are a joy to fly.



Fly Tampa



FT have produced 11 incredible airports for Flight Simulator. These incude Boston Logan, Chicago Midway, Dubai, Hong Kong, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle-Tacoma, St. Maarten, Tampa, and Vienna.



Imagine Simulation



IS have produced 13 incredible airports for Flight Simulator. These incude Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, La Guardia, Nassau, New Orleans, Newark, San Juan, San Jose, and Washington Dulles.






Samsoft have produced 6 incredible airports (and its surrounding city) for Flight Simulator. These incude Macau, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Naha, and Seoul