FSP Flight ReportPA228Date: 2018-10-21
Aircraft Name:Aerosim B727-200 Pan Am
Aircraft Type:B727-200
Departure Airport:KLGA - La Guardia - USA
Arrival Airport:KIAD - Washington Dulles Intl - USA
Departure Time:06:01:00 (11:01:00 GMT)
Arrival Time:07:48:00 (11:48:00 GMT)
Cargo:19998 lbs
Flight Result:Perfect
Flight Data
Take-Off Weight:162985 lbsLanding Weight:156049 lbs
Take-Off Fuel:19807 lbsLanding Fuel:12738 lbs
Total Block Time:00:47:17Total Block Time (Night):00:24:55
Total Airborne Time:00:43:48Total Time On Ground:00:05:17
Max Altitude:17030ftCruise Speed:340 kt
Landing Data
Landing Speed:124 kt
Landing Pitch:3.80
Touch Down VS:-93.38 ft/min
Passengers Feedback
Passengers Opinion:100%
Detail:--Are relieved to have landed safely after the extreme weather they experienced during landing.
-Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.
Mayday Transmitted:0
Incident Report:-
Pilot Assessment
Positive Assessment:-You made a very nice landing. (+50)
Perfect Flight, no problems and very satisfied passengers. (+150)
You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)
Extreme weather conditions during approach, but a safe landing and satisfied passengers. (+100)
Negative Assessment:-You have exceeded the flap speed limit by 13.36kts (-133)
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